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Last night, I went to an awards ceremony in which Mayor Greg Fischer also attended. I had a chance to talk to him briefly at the end and said, “I Flash Mobbed you last Tuesday!” He lit up and said, “You were involved in that? That was amazing! Some lady was just chatting with me and all of a sudden started dancing!”
Holly H-C., Flash Mobster of Louisville

Last But Not Least

Tonight was our last rehearsal for the flash mob. Do you know what that means? That means we perform tomorrow. HUGE!

Everything went really smooth. People were on time and ready to run-through. I gave my 10 billion announcements, including:

  • Don’t forget to be there at 4:30pm (we perform at 5:50pm)
  • Don’t forget to get your blue ticket from Wilma Wonka (stupid name I made up at the Yum! rehearsal)
  • Park on the street or at Yum! Center
  • Go directly to Legends Room (our official meeting spot… top secret, of course)
  • We’ll begin sending groups out at 5:10pm to mingle

And what I considered to be the three biggest announcements:

We even practiced with our glow sticks. We assigned Jenn and Rebecca to be our “Wave Starters.” I compared them to Fire-Starters as a Stephen King reference that I’m not sure many people got… I’m sure my mother did, though. In any case, Rebecca gets to start the entire wave! How cool?! And Jenn gets to catch the wave and send it back… lucky girl!

I’m actually a little bit rusty because we changed some things - like we always said we would - and I kept forgetting. Boo! I’ll need to make sure to have my mind right because I’m on the stage. Oooh… that sounds so much scarier when I type it out and re-read it. On a stage. Normally, I love the stage but dancing for a video camera and 1,500 people… that’s a new one on me! I’m sure I will love it though… complete adrenaline rush :)

I will tell you that I am pretty worn out… 10 weeks of emails, phone calls, rehearsals, texts, meetings, blogging and Facebook posts. It was totally worth it and I estimate that I put in about 300-350 hours of my personal time to get this whole thing organized but I wouldn’t change that for the world. I’ve worked with some incredibly talented and interesting people. I have a new flash mob family, for sure. They rock my socks like crazy :) 

OK, yuck! Now I’m getting sentimental. Moving on :)

Tomorrow is sure to be epic! GLI plans to have the video up by 9:00pm. As soon as we perform, it’s going to go to Dave and he’ll cut, edit, do-his-magic-thing and get it up on YouTube and Vimeo. Prepare yourselves…

I love the fact that over 200 people from different backgrounds and different age groups have come together to dance. I have met so many great people. It has been an amazing journey. And yes I will totally be ready for the next one. P.S. It is great exercise for shedding some pounds before my wedding.
Kristina R., Flash Mobster of Louisville
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